Why Us?

We partner with you, and your chosen semantic stack, to liberate your data's meaning from isolated silos...
  • Listen to your needs
  • Train your own inhouse people
  • Decades of experience

...think about it!

Connecting teams
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Semantic Partners

We’re a network of experienced Data Engineers, who love the power of Semantic Tech to break the boundaries of data-silos, and give you the insights you’ve been yearning for.

Semantic Partners

Why us?

You’ve spent years building out data warehouses, data lakes, trying to get a view of what’s happening. Our partner vendors take a different approach, enabling you to connect disparate systems. We can implement those solutions, for you.



We partner with organisations, world-wide



Got that new tech stack, and not sure where to start? We can help get you going!



The product vendors we work with are passionate about cross platform support



We can assess your organisation and provide recommendations

...and so much more!

Our Team


Dan Collier

Dan has founded and exited several technology businesses over the past 20 years, most recently setting up the Elevate Platform: a machine learning based HR tool, set up in 2010. He has been involved primarily in running and growing organisations, leading sales and business strategy, client and partner management and capital fundraising.

At Semantic Partners, Dan is the responsible Partner for all commercial aspects of the business, creating valuable partnerships with vendors and leading on sales and services growth.

John Placek

John is a senior technologist who has developed and architected systems, led development teams and helped startups grow. He is experienced in leading and coaching teams in government, finance and transport. Most recently he was part of the founding team at agnos.ai, an Enterprise Knowledge Graph consulting company. Prior to that, he was interim CTO for Hozah, a FinTech startup in payments automation, where he was responsible for the technical strategy and implementation.

John is a Semantic Engineer and Partner at Semantic Partners, responsible for the design and implementation of Knowledge Graph solutions.

Lance Paine

Lance has been a consultant software engineer for longer than many supposedly ‘Senior’ Engineers have been alive.
He’s been a member of more teams called something like ‘Core Data Services’ than he cares to remember. He’s worked in startups, government and enterprises.

Lance is a grumpy, old coder; Be quiet, answer his questions, and let him solve your problems for you.

At Semantic Partners, Lance is ir-responsible for writing bios.

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