Semantic Partners offer expert level hands on and strategy consulting covering product implementation, ontology and data model design, and general semantic engineering skills.

We work in an agile setup with very close team collaboration and short feedback loops.

how we work

Our focus is on Solution Delivery and Knowledge Transfer.  If you're looking at implementing a semantic based solution we will spend time with your stakeholders inside the business, to educate and ensure a clear understanding of the business goals are agreed by all.

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How do Semantic Partners work?

Semantic Partners typically work either via one of our vendor partners ( you can engage us via them ) or we contract direct with your organisation. If you have a preferred vendor list, we agree an MSA and then we either work on a Time and Materials basis for access to our Consultants, or we jointly agree a project scope and work on a deliverable, via a Statement of Work.


Can I engage Semantic Partners for short term work that isn't necessarily full time?

Yes. We're happy to work on shorter term Proof of Concepts or help you build a business case for Semantics. We can share with you our experiences of helping other organisations go from a POC to a fully productionised graph.


What sort of size teams do you need in place to get a Knowledge Graph up and running?

The answer to this varies depending on the scope of your Use Case and what business problems you're trying to solve. Also important is the number of data sets you may need to get the best out of your graph. Whether you already have any graph or semantic skills in-house is also important. Typically though our deployments range from 1 person part time to a team of 4 or 5 full time.

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