Full time

London or Remote (Europe/US)

Responsibilities and Duties

What you’ll be doing:

  1. Consulting for clients that use semantic web technology and knowledge graphs, primarily on the development and implementation of ontologies;
  2. Identify requirements and user needs;
  3. Implement solutions using vendor platforms and open source tools;
  4. Represent Semantic Partners with its clients.

Qualifications and Skills

Soft Skills

You’re a capable communicator and work well in a team. You’re likely to be opinionated as well as being open-minded. You are always eager to learn. You take pride in the quality of your work and are aware of how your work fulfils the client’s needs. You are calm under pressure.

You can explain the benefits of the semantic web and the open world approach. You advocate for the use of semantic web technology where it fits.

Ontology design or what you may call data modelling are important skills for this role.You should be able to think conceptually and critically. You should have strong logical reasoning abilities. You should be capable of learning enough about new domains to reason and communicate about them. You should be able to perform root-cause analysis. You should be aware of and practice different working methods. Finally, you should be comfortable working remotely and willing to work on-site with clients when required.

Technical Skills

The candidate will have as much as possible of the below, but please apply if you’re unsure - we don’t bite!

You will:

  1. Have knowledge of the semantic web and linked data
  2. have experience building ontologies using OWL or SHACL
  3. know how to create taxonomies using SKOS
  4. apply reasoning techniques
  5. have experience with one or more commercial ontology modelling tools (e.g. Protégé, PoolParty, TopBraid Composer/EDG, Metaphactory);

For even more brownie points, you will:

  1. Have experience working in the software development lifecycle;
  2. Be able to write scripts;
  3. Know at least one programming language;
  4. Have experience using code libraries such as Jena, RDF4J and RDFLib


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